Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Finley & Sydney's F1 (First Generation) Cockapoo Puppies

The pups are 7.5 weeks old now. We went to the vet today and everyone got their shots, dewormer, and they all checked out healthy!
Only a few more days until most of them join their families! We've tried to keep the families up-to-date on their growth by sending pictures and a few videos, but I know they're all excited to finally have their puppy in their arms! We are so thankful for the wonderful families each of these pups has waiting for them.

JACKSON (Cookie) 

He's the biggest of the litter at 6.4 pounds.

Such a sweetie!

HARLEE (Noelle)

She's the smallest of the litter at 4.6 pounds!

I love her pretty curls. 


He's not so tiny anymore... At 5 pounds, he's bigger than Harlee and within a few ounces of most of the others. 

His red ears are so cute!

The Litter (minus Rudolf-- he went to his furever home last weekend!) 

We tried to get a cute picture of them all in the box, but it didn't work out so well. Poor Jack (2nd from the R) was too tired to keep his head up!lol And the rest wouldn't sit still.

Having the boys hold them worked a little better. :)

NUGGET (Angel)

Pretty girl! She weighed in at 5.1 pounds.

Nugget is a rambunctious one! The boys had to hold her because she wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture. :)

That face is so sweet!

PENNIE (Gloria)

 I love the curls on their floppy ears.
Pennie, on the other hand, sat surprisingly still for her pictures! So cute! (Even though she's the one who's always climbing out of her pen to follow her mama.)

She weighed 5.4 pounds.


He weighs 5.2 pounds. All the pups should mature between the parent weights: 13.5 and 22 pound, usually weighing closer to the heavier parent.

There's always somewhere to explore!

Such a cutie! 

Tuckered Out

After getting a bath and their pictures taken, the puppies were very ready for a nap!
Carver didn't mind letting them pile on his lap. :)

Can't get much sweeter than a pile of sleepy puppies. <3

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Puppies

Sydney and Finley's 7 sweet puppies arrived on December 1st. Today they are 3 weeks old! They were very sleepy for their photo shoot, but I didn't mind. It makes it easier to catch a picture. Soon they'll be running all over the place!

L to R: Gloria, Tiny Tim, Angel, Rudolf, Noel (now Harlee:), Dasher, and Cookie

Harlee, Dasher, and Cookie

Gloria, Tiny Tim, Angel, and Rudolf

Girls first: 

Noel, i.e. HARLEE 

Pretty girl. She's the first one to be chosen. She has
a wonderful family waiting for her!


They fall asleep so quickly and sweetly.


So relaxed.

I love seeing our boys love on and care for the puppies.

Tonight he said, "I love puppies."


That sweet lil face <3

Now the 4 boys:

Tiny Tim, Dasher, Rudolf, and Cookie


True to his name, he's the tiniest of the litter and so sweet.

This is our youngest, Clay.
His first word besides "da-da and ma-ma" was "pup-py!"
Doug, our singleton pup from a previous litter, got a kiss from Clay before this mama did!
Every time he sees the pups, he's smacking his lips and going over to give them a kiss!


I like my little helpers. <3  And that pup is so cute, too!

Such a handsome fellow

"I'm ready to go back to sleep."


Rudolf is the biggest of the litter and has the darkest coat.

He wasn't too impressed about being woke up from his nap! Poor guy!


You can tell we woke him up from his nap for a picture.

So snuggly

 Our 3 year old woke up from his nap when we were 
just getting done taking pictures. He loves to snuggle the puppies. 

All tuckered out.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!!